2. Basic Price List

Below are excerpts of our expertly curated price list. This list has served as the basis for substantial work by the Public Procurement Agency. The full list is available on request. Just call us or drop us an email using the addresses listed on the contact page.

You can even contract us to find out prevailing contract prices in any area.

Item Description Unit Price (Ghs)
B.C.1.1. Chippings 3-8mm m3 65.22
B.C.1.2. Chippings 7-10mm m3 89.31
B.C.1.3. Chippings 10-14mm m3 89.31
B.C.1.4. Chippings 10-20mm m3 80.80
B.C.1.5. Chippings 5-20mm m3 80.80
B.C.1.6. Chippings 14-20mm m3 80.80
B.C.1.7. Quarry Dust 0-3mm m3 44.43
B.C.1.8. Quarry Dust 0-7mm m3 44.43
B.C.2. SAND - Delivered to Site
B.C.2.1. Rough Sand m3 45.00
B.C.2.2 Smooth Sand m3 50.00
B.C.2.3. Black Soil m3 58.60
B.C.2.4. Laterite Filling Material m3 50.00
B.C.3. Carpentry
B.C.3.1. (Sawmill) - "Dahoma"
B.C.3.1.1. 50 x 50 x 4200mm Scantling Len 22.00
B.C.3.1.2. 50 x 75 x 4200mm Scantling Len 26.00
B.C.3.1.3. 50 x 100 x 4200mm Scantling Len 38.00
B.C.3.1.2. 50 x 150 x 4200mm Scantling Len 52.00
B.C.31.94. Lighting Fixtures (PHILIPS)
B.C.31.94.1 1 X 18W Surface Louvre Tube PC 130.00
B.C.31.94.3. 2 X 18W Surface Diffuser CW Tube PC 175.00
B.C.31.94.4. 1 X 36W Surface Prismatic Diffuser Emergency PC 475.00
B.C.31.94.5. 1 X 36W Surface Prismatic Diffuser CW Tube PC 175.00
Item Description Unit Price (GHs)